What Exactly is a StagerBoss® Award? 

Pssst... we don't do awards like anyone else

At StagerBoss® we don't believe in 'traditional' awards, where there is only one winner. Why? Well it builds competition as opposed to COLLABORATION which is one of our core values. Instead our awards are based on personal achievement.
"When You Look In The Mirror, That's Your Only Competition"
Get ready to walk or watch your fellow #StagerBoss Tribe walk the stage as we cheer them on and celebrate their hard work, commitment and results. By seeing others do it, it gives you the belief, that you can do it too.

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 1,000,000+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 100K+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 50K+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 25K+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 10+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Earned 5K+ in Sales

StagerBoss Who Has Got Their First Client

There is no question that the #StagerBoss Awards are the most exciting and inspiring part of StagerBoss LIVE.

Watching your tribe walk the stage and claim their time to shine, gives you the belief and the drive to say:
"Next Year, That Will Be Me On Stage Collecting My Award"

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply If I'm Not A Member of The StagerBoss Community?
Our awards are currently only available to students who are students of Staging Business Secrets, The Staging Mastermind or The Inner Circle
Do you look for proof if I'm eligible?
Yes! We will ask for you to show proof of revenue. (We aren't looking for any sensitive details, but proof of payment will be necessary)
If I apply for an award and achieve another award before the event, do I need to reapply or pay another submission fee?
No! If you believe you are eligible for another award, please email hello@stagerboss.co.uk before Mar 30 2024 and our team will take you through the vetting process for the award
Why is there an application fee?
Our team have to process your application and review your documentation. If you aren't attending StagerBoss LIVE, this will also cover the shipping of your award
What if I apply and I do not meet the necessary qualifications?
Please ensure you do have the necessary proof before applying to avoid disappointment, application fees are non-refundable
When will I know if I'm successful?
Our team contact you 7 days prior to StagerBoss LIVE to inform you whether you have been successful in your application
When will I receive my award?
Our next ceremony is at StagerBoss LIVE April 27-28 2024, if you cannot make the event, your award will be shipped to you 7-14 days after.

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